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13th April 2015

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There's lots going an here at the moment, and we'd like to keep you up to date with things as they happen. This, our very first newsletter, is to tell you one or two things we hope you'll be interested in and to say a quick hello to all our customers. If you'd prefer not to receive newsletters from us in the future, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom.

  Phil Dart - Beaufort Ink  

Blanks with a Provenance

Whilst the success of our Yunstone crushed stone blanks continues to grow, we've been promising for a while that we would start to introduce some unusual wooden blanks too.

We've kicked off with some blanks made from wine casks - specifically casks from the Chateau Les Hauts d'Aglan vinyard in the Cahors region of France.

These blanks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and have great character, as you can see from the pen here, turned by Paul Middleton. We don't particularly want to flood the market with these blanks, so we've made a few handfuls available in our online shop. We will get some more if demand requires, so that those who enjoy them can be sure of a secure supply.

We also have a small number of blanks in other woods, including a very, very limited number in spalted rhododendron (bet you haven't come across that before!)

Check out our blanks here

Blanks reclaimed from wine casks
Omega pen by Paul Middleton - made from a wine cask blank from Beaufort Ink

Scratch Awl Kits - pre-orders

We were asked by several members of an online forum to get some scratch awl kits for them.

We've ordered a small number of extras too, together with the bushings to help make them, which we expect to arrive within the next few days. We hope to be able to price them inside £8 with an extra £2 or £3 for the bushings. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting one (or more), please email us and we will allocate them on a first come, first served basis.

Click here to reserve scratch awl kits by email

  Scratch awl kits and bushings available to pre-order  

Refill Revolution

Our refills have now found their way to many parts of the globe, and make the difference between a well turned pen and a quality writing instrument.

Many of our customers upgrade their kit refills from the outset, and many make extra money by selling our retail packs to their own customers when they sell a pen.

If you haven't discovered our range of superb, affordable refills yet, your can order a sample pack and see for yourself what a difference they make to your pens.

Click here to order a sample pack

  Our refills receive glowing feedback from all who try them  

Coming Soon

We are extremly pleased to announce the successful conclusion of talks with Bock Nibs of Germany, to distribute their prestigeous fouintain pen nibs in the UK.

Bock fountain pen nibs are amongst the best in the world, with a justifiable reputation to match. Their nibs will be available on our website in the very near future, both in a kit friendly format, to allow you to easily upgrade your own pens, and in a format that will appeal to the kitless makers.

Fear not, we'll be shouting loudly when they're here!

  Bock nibs coming soon  

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