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Micromesh abrasive sheets - nib polishing essentials pack

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Micro-mesh are the last word in ultra-fine abrasives. These cloth backed abrasive sheets have been specially selected from our range of all of those available, for their suitability for those who wish to carry out work on a fountain pen nib.

Starting at Micro-mesh 1500 grade, which is more or less equivalent to 600 grit in terms of traditional abrasives, it can be used in situations where you want to reshape the writing tip of a nib.

Next is Micro-mesh 2400 grade. which can be used to smooth off the work carried out with the grade above. It's equivalent to a traditional abrasive of about 1500 grit

For polishing, whether or not you've reshaped the nib to start with, the pack includes Micro-mesh 4000 grade, which smooths and polishes to an ultra-fine 5 microns, and Micro-mesh 12000 grade, which smooths and polishes to an incredible 1 micron. That's one thousandth of a millimetre, and things really don't get much smoother than that.

A word of caution though - abrasives, however fine, can damage your nib if you go at it too aggressively. We can take no responsibility for any damage caused to a nib using theses abrasive sheets, so if you're not certain what you're doing, we suggest you practice on a cheap nib that you don't mind ruining if it all goes wrong, before you set about your precious favourite.

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Product details
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