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Our range of fountain pen inks is available in a choice of rich, sumptuous colours that are totally unique, and just that bit different to anything else that you will have tried before.

As one of the world’s foremost suppliers of fountain pen nibs, we are only too aware of the problems that can be caused by inks that don’t flow very well, or that dry too quickly or that clog up the pen, so our overriding goal when producing our inks, just like our world class ballpoint pen and rollerball refills, is that they should not suffer from those problems.

Our fountain pen inks therefore can be regarded as wet inks - they flow easily from the nib, they don’t crystallise on the nib, and they don’t clog up the feed. They also exhibit excellent saturation and shading. However they are not gushers, and their drying times are more than respectable.

With a range of colours to choose from, our fountain pen inks are not only available on this page in 45ml Italian crystal bottles, for refilling fountain pens that have a converter or ink reservoir, but also in Standard International cartridges, for quick ink changes in any pen that accepts a Standard International fitting, and also in 10ml bottles as part of our Fountain Pen Ink Trial Pack Selection, which also happen to make a great gifts for fountain pen lovers

Give them a try. Unless you have used our fountain pen inks before, you will not have used these shades of ink before - they are not just reproductions of other peoples colours under a different brand. It is a myth that only certain fountain pen inks can be used in certain makes of fountain pen -  one of the many joys of using a fountain pen is that you can use fountain pen ink from any reputable producer that you desire, and our inks are highly respected amongst those who write with them.

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