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DiamondCast is owned and run by Tim Mackenzie and his wife, Callie. Individually cast using Alumilite acrylic resin and a combination of mica powders and liquid dyes, these pen blanks contain real diamond particles which results in an incredible sparkle and depth in the finished pen.

In addition, DiamondCast Colour Shift pen blanks feature some of the most high tech pigments available on the market, which allow them to change colour, depending on the andle of the light. In other words, hold the blank one way and it will look a certain colour - point it a different way and it will look a different colour, which looks pretty amazing on a pen!

The turning and finishing process is no different to any other acrylic pen blank, and there is no discernable difference in tool edge wear.

Available in either 150mm or 235mm lengths, these blanks are excellent for threading and finish to a superb shine. They are suitable for both kit pens and custom pens.

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