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If you sell pens, you could be selling pen refills to your customers too. All of our pen refills are available in Retail Packs, and we have a display stand to help you show them off.

Portable, lightweight, compact and simple to set up, our table-top pen refill display stand is easily transported to your sales venue. Use it to add to the visual impact of your sales area and make it simple to display and sell your stock of Beaufort Ink pen refill retail packs.

We have three deals to help you get your hands on one

  • you can buy one separately, just as it is, and use it to display the Beaufort Refills of your choice

  • you can get one half price by selecting our RDS1 package, which includes 60 single retail packs (6 of each type of refill in black, and 6 of each type in blue)

  • you can get one completely free by selecting our RDS2 package, which includes 60 twin retail packs (6 of each type of refill in black, and 6 of each type in blue)

Whichever option you choose, you can use your display stand to encourage customers to purchase pen refills and increase your profits with every pen you sell.

My retail display stand arrived at 10.15 this morning. I set it up in the craft centre straight away and I sold my first refill from it at 11.15. I just thought you’d like to know
Ron Caddy - pen maker & AWGB Ambassador


Our customers almost always buy a refill from us when they buy a pen. We have no trouble selling your refills because their quality speaks for itself
The Whisky Wood Pen Company - pen manufacturers

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