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Copper.  £18.95  (£15.79 ex vat)

Silver.  £18.95  (£15.79 ex vat)

Pen blanks - Brad Herrington - Copper coloured "Armour" pen blank Pen blanks - Brad Herrington - Silver coloured "Armour" pen blank

Copper & Silver.  £18.95  (£15.79 ex vat)

Pen blanks - Brad Herrington - Copper & silver coloured "Armour" pen blank

Brad Herrington is a talented pen maker and blank caster, and in fact several of the images on our website feature his work. Based in Cambridge in the UK, Brad keeps most of his casting work for his own pens, but we’ve  persuaded him to let us have a few. Cast from polyester resin, they polish to an incredible shine, and as with all polyester blanks, sharp tools are required at all times.

Armour Series:
Fits Beaufort Sirocco, plus Sierra, Gatsby, Virage ballpoint and all Sierra variants

Marla's Magic Feathres pen blank - Sierra series #3. Click image to enlarge.