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After launching our new website at the end of November last year, and receiving overwhelmingly glowing reviews of our ink refills from all quarters, we enter 2015 in the knowledge that our claims regarding quality and value for money are entirely backed up by those who have had the opportunity to try them out for themselves.

From the outset, our aim has been to produce ink refills of the very highest quality at the best possible price, in order to provide a real alternative to the poor refills supplied with pen kits and to refills available from suppliers elsewhere.

Throughout the coming year, we hope to build on our ink refill core products, by introducing other items which we feel will be of benefit to pen makers, that are either hard to find, hard to get in modest quantities, or which can be improved upon through better design, material or manufacturing. We have already been through that process with pen display stands, on which I hope to bring further news in the next few days.

Beaufort Ink’s philosophy has, and always will be that there is no merit whatsoever in selling the same thing as everyone else, which only serves to dilute the marketplace to the ultimate detriment of everyone. Discussions over the past few weeks between Taylors Mirfield and Beaufort Ink have highlighted the fact that our approaches and philosophies are very similar.

As a result, and as a measure of the confidence we have in each others products, the first of what we both hope will be a series of collaborations has been agreed. I know I am not speaking out of turn when I say that from mid January onwards, or as soon as their new stock is available for sale, all new orders of Omega rollerball kits from Taylors Mirfield will be supplied with Beaufort Ink refills as standard, thereby making what is already an outstanding pen kit into an outstanding writing instrument.

There will be more news on further collaborations in the fullness of time, and I will also bring news on further developments at Beaufort Ink as they happen.

In the meantime, a happy New Year to one and all.

Best wishes