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We don’t keep a lot of project parts because they are well represented elsewhere. However, sometimes we come across items that we think might be interesting, and sometimes we get a few extras when we are asked for special orders.

Scratch Awl Kit.  £9.47

Solid brass fittings with steel pointMake on a standard mandrel

Uses 7mm tube (supplied)Instruction sheet supplied

middleton awl.jpg

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Bushing set no longer available

Scratch awl kit £9.47

Pen Holder Trumpets.  £3.47

Make your own closed end pen and base
Available in gold plate or chrome

Ideal for phone message pens or reception and visitor book pens etc.

Ball & socket angle adjustment
Can be fixed to your own base with glue or with an M4 bolt (not supplied)

lv finial d - full.jpg

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Chromed £3.47

Gold plated £3.47