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BEAUFORT CYCLONE Rollerball Pen Kit - Notes

Download a printable PDF version of these pen kit instructions HERE

Component parts - Cyclone rollerball pen kit

  • Cap tube length = 50.6mm. Recommended drill size = 12.5mm
  • Nib barrel tube length = 60.8mm. Recommended drill size = 10.5

  • The clip gasket and cap centre band have the same diameter. If using bushes, the two largest ones are identical and can be used in either cap position. The two remaining bushes have different diameters - the larger of the two is for the nib connector and the smaller one is for the nib barrel finial.

  • Assembling a Cyclone fountain pen is very straight forward. The diagram above shows each component in its correct position on the pen - we highlight here only the points that might catch you out if you’re unaware of them
  • Ensure that the narrower end of the cap thread is pressed fully home in the centre band before pressing it into the cap tube.
  • The section, barrel finial and centre band all have factory fitted accent rings, however they are not fixed in place and may be loose in their bags. Ensure that accent rings are in place before you begin pressing each component into the relevant tube.
  • By design, the clip diameter is slightly larger than the cap finial. Don’t be caught out by that - turn your blank to the diameter of the clip (the cap bushes match the clip and the centre band, which are both the same diameter)
  • It’s a good idea to utilise something soft (some tissue or cloth) to pad your pen press when pressing in the cap finial, to prevent the cabochon from getting scratched
  • In the interests of grain alignment, note that the cap thread starts in either of two opposite positions.

Beaufort Cyclone rollerball pen kit - line drawing of assembled pen
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