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The Jetstream
If you want a slender pen, or an alternative to a Slimline or a Streamline that takes a Parker refill instead of a Cross refill, this is the pen kit for you
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Beall Wood Buff system - complete kits

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Extra B
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The Beall Wood Buff buffing system is widely regarded as simply the best wood buffing system there is for wood turners, pen turners and woodworkers.

Based on the tried and tested 3-compound method using tripoli, white diamond and carnauba wax, the Beall Wood Buff buffing system kits are available in a 4 inch version, an 8 inch version, and a 3-on-a-lathe version, whereby all 3 buffing wheels are mounted on a lathe at the same time.

All kits kit contains everything you need to get buffing, straight out of the box.*

What is the secret of Beall's success? Undoubtedly the wheels and mops themselves, which are made from just the right type of fabrics and in just the right densities to get the best of each of the three compounds.

We are proud to say that Beaufort Ink is Beall's sole distributor in the UK.

* With the exception of the 3-on-a-Lathe buffing kit, if you wish to mount your buffing wheels on a lathe, you will also need a morse taper arbor to fit into the motor-shaft adaptor, which then takes the place of a motor-shaft itself. You only need one morse taper arbor though, which will accommodate all Beall kit wheels and mops. We have them available in both 1MT and 2MT depending on your lathe.

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