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Beall I-X expanding collet set with 8 collets and hex key

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The Beall I-X Collet Set has 8 expanding collets that can be used to mount work on a lathe instead of using a jam chuck. It has many applications, but is especially useful for those turning spindle work such as pepper mills or vases, where a secure hold, accuracy and repeatability are all desirable.

Choose an expanding collet of the appropriate size and insert it into the opening of your workpiece or into a recess bored into the reverse. When tightened using the hex screw on its rear, the jaws of the collet will expand to clamp it firmly in place.

Each collet has a ½ inch shaft on its rear, which after tightening the jaws is then held in a drill chuck, or a compression collet, or any other suitable type of chuck of your choice, to hold the workpiece securely on the lathe.

The set comprises 8 different collets - 1½ inch, plus 1¼ inch down to ½ inch, in ⅛ inch increments.

Each collet is made from hard anodised aluminium and the set is supplied with a cherrywood storage block and a hex key for tightening the jaws.

Product details
Product details
  • Place the large end of the collet into a recess or hole bored into your workpiece and tighten the hex screw in the rear shaft of the collet to expand its jaws into the recess or hole.
  • Once tightened, grip the rear shaft in a drill chuck on your lathe, or a compression collet or any other suitable type of existing chuck.
  • When removing the collet, it may be necessary to tap the hex screw lightly after it has been loosened
Watch the video
Watch the video

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