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Gallery - Leveche pen kits

All the pens in this gallery are made by our customers using Beaufort Leveche pen kits

Tom Burger Gunmetal Leveche in a self cast steampunk blank, with upgraded black Bock nib
Paul Miller Gold Leveche in walnut
Reto Bochsler A chrome Leveche in a pine cone blank cast in white acrylic
Sandy Thomson A gold Beaufort Leveche in oak reclaimed from a whisky cask
Brian Wilson A gold Beaufort Leveche is spalted maple burr
Paul Cress A chrome Beaufort Leveche is Bolivian rosewood
Chris Carter-Bown Rose gold Leveche with a rose gold Bock nib, in a Conway Stewart acrylic blank
Eric Lyons Rose gold Leveche in Spring Fuchsia acrylic
Douglas Reid A rose gold Leveche fountain pen in Kirinite ivory mother of pearl
Paul Williams A gold Leveche made from an Andy Williams hybrid blank
Paul Williams A chrome Leveche in an Andy Williams Acrylic blank
Sandy Thomson A gold Leveche fountain pen made from deer antler
David Ratcliffe A gold Leveche in reclaimed oak. One of a set commissioned by the 2021 G7 Summit
Andrew Voitsitskii A gunmetal Leveche is a dyed wood and resin hybrid blank
Andrew Voitsitskii A gold Leveche in a DiamondCast Nebula pen blank
Andrew Millar A chrome Leveche in white marbled corian
Richard Wellborne A rose gold Leveche in desert ironwood
Max Coates A gold Leveche in a Minerva Pebble Beach pen blank
John Gunby A Gold Leveche with engraved centre band and Bushmills distillery blank.
John Gunby A Gold Leveche with a Minerva Plum Crush blank
John Gunby A Chrome Leveche with Minerva Rainforest pen blank
AP Pens A Leveche RB in Corian and Starburst Acrylic with special medical clip.
Stephen Smith A Gold Leveche FP.
John Gunby A Upgrade Gold Leveche with a Bushmills Distillery Whiskey Cask pen blank
Clements Meerts A Pair of matching Leveche both in FP and RB
Andrew voitsitskii A Gold Leveche FP with Black & Brass M3 composite pen blank
Andrew Voitsitskii A Gunmetal Leveche
Freddy Gmail A Gold Leveche RB in Olive wood & Rose wood
John Gunby A Gold Leveche with Dalmore Distillery pen blank & engraved centre band
Sandor Petho A Gold and A Chrome Leveche with engraved detailing
Sandor Petho A Chrome Leveche FP with a custom pen blank
Simon Fisher A Gold Leveche fountain pen
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