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Toolpost Versachuck wood lathe chucks

The ToolPost Versachuck wood lathe chuck is unquestionably the most versatile wood lathe chuck available, and with the appropriate jaw carriers mounted on the chuck, it's capable of taking not only Versachuck jaws, but also jaws from virtually all other major wood lathe chuck manufacturers.

The Versachuck is a robust, 100mm scroll chuck, which is mounted on an ISO standard style, interchangeable backplate that carries the spindle mounting thread. If you change your lathe, just change the backplate - there's no need to change the whole chuck.

Not only that, a large selection of Versachuck work holding jaws is available, including dovetail jaws, extended long reach jaws, goblet jaws, jaw mounted faceplates, spindle mounted faceplates and a screw thread chuck. Versachuck wood lathe chuck dovetail jaws are forged before machining, thereby having greater strength through a more coherent grain structure than conventional jaws from other manufacturers, which are simply machined from a solid steel billet.

In addition, and this is what makes it so incredibly versatile, the Versachuck wood lathe chuck is also capable of accepting work holding jaws from most other major wood lathe chuck manufacturers. When you buy a Versachuck, you are not limited to just one make of jaws - with the appropriate jaw carriers (mounting jaws, jaw slides) mounted on the Versachuck, you can use use any jaws from virtually any major chuck manufacturer, including Axminster, Sorby, Record, Nova, Vicmarc, Oneway, Talon, Charwood Nexus and Multistar Titan.

The Versachuck is supplied with an extended chuck key that engages with captive pinions and allows for easy, one handed operation. Spare parts are available too, importantly including jaw mounting screws to replace the one you've just mislaid on the workshop floor.

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