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BEAUFORT MISTRAL Ballpoint Pen Kit - Notes

Download a printable PDF version of these pen kit instructions HERE

Component parts - Mistral ballpoint pen kit

  • Cap tube length = 46mm. Recommended drill size = 10.7mm or 27/64
  • Nib barrel tube length = 52.7mm. Recommended drill size = 8.2mm or Letter P

  • The cap finial and cap centre band have the same diameter. If using bushes, the two largest ones are identical and can be used in either cap position. The two remaining bushes have different diameters -  the larger of the two is for the mechanism connector and the smaller one is for the section.

  • Press the accent cabochon into the cap finial as the first job. Please also see the notes we’ve produced regarding the cabochon, which are on a separate sheet.
  • Press the section connector into the nib barrel and screw on the section.
  • Press the mechanism connector into the nib barrel and screw in the mechanism. There may be threads still showing on the mechanism once it’s fully screwed in. This is quite normal.
  • When assembling the 3 metal components on the centre band, note that the supplied accent ring has a small chamfer to one side on its inside surface. The accent ring should be fitted with the chamfer nearest to the fixed ring, which will maintain the contour of the assembled centre band and ensure that its two grooves are of equal width. The other loose small ring should be fitted so that its groove is adjacent to the accent ring, not the cap barrel.
  • Press in the centre band then pass the cap barrel over the mechanism to seat it on the collar of the mechanism connector. Ensure that the cap is clean inside and turns freely.
  • By design, the clip gasket is a snug fit on the cap finial, to ensure it does not spin on the assembled cap. Push it on to the finial tenon by hand a short way, and once you are happy with the their alignment  on your cap barrel, the two can be pressed home in one operation, into the cap and onto the rotating part of the mechanism.
  • The refill is accessed by unscrewing either the section, or the cap from the nib barrel. The mechanism is fixed in place and will not become orphaned.

Beaufort Mistral ballpoint pen kit - line drawing of assembled pen
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