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Barrel trimmer head

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This 25mm barrel trimming head is the heart of our modular barrel trimming system, and integrates with interchangeable trimmer shafts that are available to buy separately, to suit all Beaufort Ink pen kits (and a few other kits as well).

Precision made in the UK from EN8M hardened steel, our barrel trimmer head has four cutting blades. Sharpness is paramount for success with a barrel trimmer, and the blades can easily be kept sharp using a diamond card file or other fine file.

Interchangeable trimmer shafts are inserted into the trimmer head and locked in place by means of a hex grub screw in the side of the head. The whole assembly is then held in a drill chuck, either on the lathe or in a drill.

Insert the rotating shaft into the pen kit tube to clear any stray glue that might be in there and to guide the trimmer head so that the end of the blank is trimmed perfectly flush and perpendicular to the tube.

Be careful not to over-trim. Check your progress frequently, and trim just enough to brighten the end of the tube, not to shorten it.

Product details
Product details
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Watch the video
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