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Tailstock sliding die holder - 2 morse taper

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To improve on the accuracy that can be achieved with a hand held die holder, and to eliminate the need to constantly drag the tailstock forward if using a fixed tailstock die holder, and the smart way of doing it is with a sliding tailstock holder.

A sliding tailstock die holder holds the die firmly centred to the workpiece, and slides forward to advance the die as the length of the thread that you're cutting increases.

Our sliding tailstock die holder set comprises 4 die holders to enable it to hold 13/16 inch, 1 inch, 15/16 inch and 11/2  inch dies. Each die holder slides on an arbor with either a 1MT or a 2MT lathe fitting, and is held on the arbor by a steel pin which simply drops into place and is easily removed in order to change holders. The die holders can slide forward by up to 40mm.

Each die holder features 3 hex screws, the two either side for fixing the die in place, the third (central) one for expanding split dies for those dies that don't have their own expansion screw.

The set is supplied in a wooden case for storage or carrying, and comes complete with a knockout bar and the the appropriate allen keys for all hex screws.

Instructions for use are in the tab below.

Product details
Product details
  • 4 die holders to accept 13/16 inch, 1 inch, 15/16 inch and 11/2 inch dies
  • Milled arbor with 1MT or 2MT lathe fitting
  • Suitable for threading up to 40mm in length
  • Hex screw on each holder for expanding split dies
  • 2 hex screws on each holder for fixing die
  • Supplied in wooden case for storage or carrying
  • Allen keys included to suit all hex screws
  • Knockout bar included

Fit the arbor into your lathe tailstock. Give it a light tap with a wooden or rubber mallet to firm it into place.

Select the sliding die holder according to the overall size of the die you are using.

Slide the die holder over the arbor and drop the 8mm black steel pin, smooth end first,  into the hole at the end of the arbor so that the sliding die holder is captive. There is no need to secure the pin with any kind of pressure or force - the knurled area at the end of the pin is there simply to stop the pin from passing right though the hole.

Place the die inside the mouth of the die holder, with the correct side of the die facing out, according to the task you are using the die for. If the die has indents to accept fixing screws, make sure they are lined up with the two fixing hex screws on the die holder, and if it's a split die, line up the split with the middle hex screw on the die holder.

Tighten the two fixing hex screws to lock the die in place and tighten the middle hex screw  according to your requirements.

Push the sliding die holder as far back along the arbor as it will go, then move the tailstock up to the workpiece.

Engage the die with the workpiece and begin cutting by turning the headstock spindle by hand - do not be tempted to cut the thread with the lathe under power.

Observe good threading procedure.

The die holder will automatically slide forward on the arbor as the cut advances, and backwards again when you withdraw the die. You may find you wish to support the holder with your hand to reduce the torque on the arbor and thereby lessen the chance of the arbor rotating in the tailstock spindle.

Watch the video
Watch the video
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