Marla Christensen
Marla Christensen


Marlas Feathers pen blanks

Marla Christensen lives and works in Canada, and specialises in  casting her amazing pen blanks using carefully selected game bird feathers. Each pen blank is truly unique and is created by delicately and expertly securing each feather before casting in clear polyester resin. Works of art in their own right, Marla’s feather pen blanks turn to create the most beautiful of pens.

Clear cast in polyester resin, we have Marlas Feathers pen blanks to fit

  • Sirocco and Zephyr pen kits, together with Sierra, Virage, Ares and all Sierra type pen kit variation

  • Mistral and Leveche fountain pen and rollerball pen kits

  • Mistral ballpoint pen kits and pencil kits

  • Jr Gent pen kits including George, Harold Aaron etc

Marla Christensen
Marla Christensen


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