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Shield Technology VanGuard anti-corrosion wipes - pack of 5

Shield Technology » » Shield Technology VanGuard anti-corrosion wipes - pack of 5

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VanGuard Wipes are a versatile, quick and easy means of applying corrosion inhibitor to a surface.

Individually packaged in sealed sachets, each wipe is impregnated with a blend of ferrous and non-ferrous anti corrosion ingredients in a highly refined mineral oil carrier, that will protect your tools from rust and corrosion. A little goes a long way, so one wipe can be used to protect the surfaces of several tools.

However, they also contain a powerful vapour phase inhibitor that works in a similar way to Shield Technology's ToolGuard VCI corrosion inhibitor, so don't throw away the wipe or the sachet once you've finished using it - instead, place the used wipe and the open sachet inside your toolbox or tool chest, and the non-harmful vapours will permeate the space to protect all the nooks and crannies for months to come that the wipe itself couldn't get to.

We have Shield Technology VanGuard wipes available to buy individually, in packs of 5 and in money saving packs of 25.

Product details
Product details
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